The Raven Redux

I am possessed by the spirit of Poe
He writes the poems I could never write
Like a raven on a dreary midnight
Everywhere I go, he quoth, “Nevermore.”
More than ever there’s a fright
Coming from the man, the man in the mirror
Where I stare, staring back at me
Filling my soul with a fantastic terror
An ancient raven tightly clutches my left shoulder
His razor sharp claws dig deep, cutting far into supple flesh
With aching pain, my body releases a powerful shudder
He whispers quietly in my ear
Suddenly I’m in absolute fear
A facial expression of complete shock and horror
Holding my chest, panting heavily, dropping to my knees
Awestruck, not sure what to do, I want to flee
Breathing hard, running low on air
The chamber room goes cold, growing faint and small
A pounding thud behind my breast bone
The raven tells me to stand straight, mighty and tall.

Without the raven I would be weak, weary and alone
For the Adam of the Fall is me, myself and I
And my beautiful Eve is dying a long, painful death
A gorgeous creature of the night — a terrible night indeed
Poisoned by a drunken shaky hand
A morbid thought born in a wicked, delirious mind
A deranged mad man, he was once me, now long gone
Murderous thoughts drove me over the frightful edge
She was hanging with both hands from a perilous ledge
She grips for dear life, wanting life again, no hope in her eyes
Fainting and fated by the husband she once loved
She was drooling and foaming from her mouth — a gruesome sight
She once trusted me ever so completely
Without question, without a peep
Now — she lets go and the black abyss swallows her whole
Like a deep dark cave, a hole in the ground, opened for her alone.

The raven flies above, watching me far below
Murmuring with a cruck and a croak, calling with a deep snicker
He is watching my every move
A frightful madness ensues
Watching my torturous groove
Sporadic steps and the most horrible gestures
Everywhere I go, I mutter and murmur, “Nevermore.”
A taste of evil stings my tongue and my weathered lips
My brilliant mind left the safety of the harbor long ago
Cast sail on stormy waters in a tattered and battered ship
On open sea, where I tried to flee, I pondered my miserable life
With my hand I laid ink down in a secret manuscript
Hidden from the public’s prying eyes who would tell terrible lies
A treasure lost to the turbulent flow of time, speaking of my crime
I watched the light of the lighthouse in the distance fade away
I jumped overboard into the sea, swam ashore to live another day.

Haunted by what I did, a wretched self I surely am
I stammered and stumbled upon the streets of Baltimore
Going from shop to shop and door to chamber door
I was desolate and desperate as an evil spirit caused me to flee
The spirits I drank were a tempest that tempted me
Pouring themselves down my throat, I pled for a moment to be
To be alone, to rid myself of the raven, which followed me everywhere
The sooty bird would chant his chants and torture me with his sounds
Like a rascal rapping his rap on window sills
Torment my soul only to get a cheap thrill
I felt the dreadful dread from the moment I put pen to paper
Writing the words that would define a legacy
The lore of a mad man who was a wizard with words
People thought I lost my sanity, always hearing the raven’s inner cry
He never left my side, even if I would try to hide, he followed me
Wherever I went I was never alone, there was no more privacy
The raven consumed me with every fiber and feather
Now I go hither, back to the underworld where I belong
“I am Nevermore!”

This dark poem was inspired by the life and mysterious death of Edgar Allan Poe.

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